Mining rigs

Aiming to fulfill our Customers’ requests, we have expanded our offer by adding the ability to participate in obtaining cryptocurrencies through investing in so called ‘mining rigs’, that is high performance computers. Thanks to our years of IT experience we are capable of putting them together and managing them in order to generate the highest profit possible.

We have prepared an offer of three packages enabling you to purchase ready to use ‘mining rigs’. Afterwards we rent those computers with a guranteed monthly profit of 1%. Our experience shows that such hardware can have a return of investment even in one year or quicker, which amounts to an average of over 8% monthly profit.

Guaranteed monthly profit1%1%
Guaranteed monthly PLN or €200 PLN/m or €48/m500 PLN/m or €120/m1000 PLN/mc or €240/m
Projected average monthly profit6%6%6%
Projected PLN or € monthlyca. 1200 PLN/m or €288/mca. 3000 PLN/m or €720/mca. 6000 PLN/m or €1 440/m
Price20 000 PLN or €4 80050 000 PLN or €12 000100 000 PLN or €24 000

The guaranteed monthly profit is not everything. We keep the value of the ‘mining rigs’ continuously, so that the purchased computers do no lose value over time. Those can be sold at any moment on demand.

We’d like to invite you to contact us, where we are ready to answer any questions.

The above offer is for information purposes and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 §1 of the Civil Code