About us

We have been active on the Polish market for over 18 years and have an extensive knowledge of the IT business.

Our team consists of a group of experienced IT specialists, programmers, IT analysts, traders and qualified sales representatives all around Poland.

We specialize in cryptocurrency arbitrage, that we have taken on professionally since December of 2016, after gathering enough experience in the previous years. 

In order to provide safety and security of the investments, our programmers created custom software overwatching cryptocurrency markets around the world. Since April 2017 we expanded our business, offering services to a wider range of recipients. Over 200 investors have trusted us to the point of a multi million turnover. 

Aside from that, we own professional hardware meant to generate cryptocurrencies, or so called 'mining rigs', at your disposal. We gather a couple of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others. Our job is to configure and sell those computers to our Investors, which we later rent and operate to generate profit through 'mining', as in obtaining cryptocurrencies.

While cooperating with us, you are guaranteed profit and return of the investment on demand.

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